Bou 'n Christus gebasseerde roeping vir Afrika

Wat is die Here se wil vir ons vir vandag hier in die Suidpunt
van Afrika? Hoe lyk Sy wil in verskillende omstandighede?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Letter from Tumbine synod to all supporters

Igreja Reformada Em Moçambique

Fundada em 1908 em Mphatso
, Angónia-Província de Tete
C.P. 4, Milange-Zambézia, Moçambique

January 22, 2013
Dear Brothers and Sisters, Ruvuma partnership and supporting congregations
Greetings to you from IRM Tumbine  Synod.(IRM hereinafter)
We are proud to partner with the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (DRC hereinafter) and the Ruvuma Support Partnership (Ruvuma hereinafter).  The DRC and Ruvuma played a critical role in the history of IRM and we all look forward to work together to make an impact for Christ on young people, communities and the world for many years to come. Our partnership  is  the heart of our ministry, together as partners in ministry, we'll stand with each other, believe in each other and support each other and we firmly believe miracles will become commonplace.

At the Synodical meeting in August 2012 a new executive was elected. The new executive is :  pastor Ualize as moderator, pastor Sousa as vice moderator, Pastor Zalimba as actuary and Pastor Cezar as secretary. We had a need as new executive to evaluate all our ministries and to clarify our vision, strategies and responsibilities. At the Synodical meeting in November 2012 every ministry was evaluated. Steps were taken to align their activities with the vision of the IRM.
In this regard the ending position of Pastor Danie Murray in the IRM is not the end of our relationship with the DRC in South Africa but it is a result of this evaluation. As we journeyed deeper with pastor Danie more than 20 years into different ministries we began to understand how to be church in the community. We came to realize that it wasn’t about increasing the size of our congregation but how we could be church in our everyday lives. We developed intentional habits that allowed us to open our hearts and minds to listen to God and let him lead us into His preferred and promised future. One of the most important habits we developed was the Dwelling in the Word. This allowed us to let God into our conversations, instead of trying to proceed on our own agenda.
We therefore have much appreciation for the work done by Pastor Danie Murray. In many ways we will build on it in future. The time has now come to take responsibility ourselves for the conferences and training that he has done within the IRM.  We will in future communicate directly with our supporting partners . Pastor Jose Matique was appointed liason officer in Pastor Danie’s place and he will see that good effective communication are done with our partners and supporting congregations. Specifically we have decided to continue with the vision conferences and will liaise with facilitators involved.
At Chiconono we are busy arranging a meeting in February with SIM and Aubi Banda and leaders from the local congregation to plan the ministry as well as the radio ministry.
Also as part of the evaluations we have restructured the Literacy ministry. This included some staff changes. We will shortly liaise with the supporting congregation in South Africa on these matters. We however want to stress the hugely positive influence of this ministry. This restructuring will keep this project on track.
The medical project are currently in a stage of consultation with partners in South Africa and the Netherlands. Hopefully this will be on track shortly.
The agricultural project are on track with minor administrative issues that will be talked through with the supporting group in South Africa.
Pastor Kobus Eksteen and his wife Nana are now appointed to serve in a youth/children ministry. We await eagerly their return from holiday to support them in this new venture.
We are still fully committed to the ministry amongst the Muslims in the Quionga area. We encourage the Thiarts to further community relations in the area. The IRM offer their help if needed.
The ministry at Namavi by Johan and Enna Dames is an encouragement to many Their positive involvement in the community serves as a witness to the work they do.
God takes good care of us, and like Paul, we don’t request your partnership with us because we just have to have your money. Sure, we could do more and go more places if we had more money, but that really isn’t the point. There is a benefit to you in partnership that we can’t take credit for, any more than we can take credit for the anointing flowing through us. It just happens. If you partner with us, you will have a share in everything we do. That’s the nature and purpose of partnership.

We are heading a time of even more uncertainty and change. We need each other even more .

We trust that you would gain confidence in our leadership. This will and must result in even better cooperation and unity in future.
May His name be Glorified

Pastor Ualize
On behalf of Tumbine Executve