Bou 'n Christus gebasseerde roeping vir Afrika

Wat is die Here se wil vir ons vir vandag hier in die Suidpunt
van Afrika? Hoe lyk Sy wil in verskillende omstandighede?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Biblestudy - Ministries talk to the IRM

I still think it is cheating to arrive in Milange the same day than leaving in Cape Town. It was good to chat about the different ministries and which issues the supporters want to add to the agenda.
We arrived in Milange in the evening and greeted the church leaders. Thursday morning we started by introducing one another and then we did a Biblestudy on 1 Cor 3:5-6 and 12-18. Kobus Eksteen guided us through this passage and it became a very productive time as we could link it to our joint intention between the ministries in South-Africa and the IRM. All through our meetings, the principles of this study were repeated.  I try to jot down some of the ideas:
We saw that in Christ we have a new covenant and that covenant is bringing us in a process of change. We have brokenness before Christ and before one another in this process. The seed need to die to produce a new plant and multiply the seed. We do this through grace and we have nothing to be proud in ourselves. We need to be humble before God and one another.
Only through His Spirit can we understand the new vision and he made us capable to participate in this process. We all have veils over our eyes and it is only in Christ that this veil can be removed. We need to turn to the Lord daily.
The veils are taking away our freedom and we do not always recognize it.
Many times we feel uncomfortable in our discussions and we do not have this freedom. The devil is each time bringing the veil or blanket between us. Sometimes we feel inferior and that we are criticized by the other party. We feel accused. Christ take this veil away and takes away the spirit of accusation. In its place he creates love and then we can demonstrate the glory of the Lord. This open relationship is the Glory of the Lord.
The prayer is that God will take away this veil, in all our discussions, where it exists, these few days.